About Florida Coast Coffee

On a peninsula known for its swaying palm tress and warm tropical breezes comes an authentic local treat of fresh grown Arabica beans tropically roasted to paradise perfection…

The guys behind Florida Coast Coffee are all coffee lovers as well as best of friends in every way—local residents, tropical enthusiasts and very laid back. Through their patronage of many coffee houses they realized that most of the coffees on the market had become synonymous with Seattle’s northern tastes. But they all longed for a coffee with the unique local flavors of the Florida coast they knew and loved.

Understanding that this vast market was bursting to be recognized and served, they set out to introduce premium and paradise-perfected coffee flavors. The guys knew the market existed because millions of people choose to live in or visit Florida every year to experience its tantalizing sub-tropical climate and unending stretches of sun-drenched beaches. Florida Coast Coffee launched its brand with notable flavors like Tiki Bar Rum Cake, Toasty Toasted Coconut, Hammock Breeze Hazelnut, and Coastline Regular Roast, for a “paradise in every cup” way to start your Florida Coast Coffee kind-of-day.  Enjoy!